private party securityFor many people, the wedding day is arguably the most important day of his or her life.  Weddings are a great time for both family and friends to come together and celebrate.  In the midst of all of the celebration, there are many things that could get out of control or go wrong.  Private security for weddings can ensure that everybody in attendance is safe, secure, and protected from any potential acts of wrongdoing.  From wedding crashers to family feuds getting out of hand, trained security guards for private security for weddings can prevent unwanted actions and behaviors by both deterring and intervening when problems occur.

The Wedding Crasher

The wedding crasher is an uninvited individual who attends the wedding ceremony and/or the reception party.  Although uninvited, these wedding crashers make their way into the festivities by sneaking their way in.  Usually the wedding crasher will take on the identity of a member of one of the family’s involved in the wedding, you know, that distant cousin that you never met.  The typical motivators behind wedding crashers are free food and beverages, an open party, meeting new people, and spying on somebody.

The wedding crasher is dangerous because most likely nobody knows who he or she is. This is a massive breach of security and a threat to safety.  Private security for weddings can prevent unwanted and uninvited persons from entering into the wedding celebration.  One of the tactics that guards trained at being private security for weddings will utilize is a guest list and a single entry spot to the wedding.  This controls what is known as the “flow of traffic”, the traffic being the guests.  The client also has the comfort of being able to report any suspicious characters to the private security guard, which can lead to confrontation and questioning and if necessary, contact with the local police department.

Family Feuds

Weddings are a great time to celebrate the unification of two families.  However, not all weddings are enjoyable for both sides of the family.  Some families simply do not get along with one another, creating a negative attitude at the wedding festivities.  This negative attitude can lead to behaviors which can put others at risk of being hurt.  These situations can turn violent quickly, making it crucial that security is there to assist in maintaining order and protecting the people.  Guards trained for private security for weddings remain alert, aware, and ready to act when it comes to maintaining the safety of the guests and other staff.


Maintaining safety is always priority number one.  The mere presence of a uniformed security guard as private security for weddings can successfully deter potentially hazardous wrongdoing.  Any risky action that a guest was thinking about doing the entire time leading up to the wedding will rethink the actions to be taken once the team of private security for weddings has been spotted.  Weddings range in the ages that are present, from toddlers to the elderly, increasing the importance of ensuring healthy and safe behavior in order to protect a wide spectrum of age groups.  Private security for weddings will primarily observe and report all actions to the supervisor on duty, and if necessary, to the local police department, as well as intervene in order to maintain a protected and safe environment.