cyber-securitySecurity breaches occur every day all around the world. Cyber-security breaches are extremely dangerous for the targeted companies and the customers of those companies. Sensitive data and personal information which is compromised in a security breach can be used to steal somebody’s identity and assets. Here are the top five recent cyber-security breaches that we should learn from.

Ebay Inc.

In early 2014, Ebay was hit with one of the worst cyber-security breaches of all time. Hackers were able to successfully access sensitive data. More than 233 million users of the website had their personal information compromised. It was later revealed that the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claimed responsibility for the breach, which they claimed to be a “hacktivist operation”. Essentially, the attack was not intended to steal information. The attack was intended to prove that hackers could successfully hack into Ebay’s databases.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

On February 8, 2015, Chipotle experienced a cyber-security breach when its Twitter account was hacked. The hackers posted inappropriate posts to the company’s account. Millions of followers of the restaurant chain were exposed to racist, homophobic, and anti-government related tweets. This created negative public relations for Chipotle. Perhaps they will consider changing their passwords more often.

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc.

In the middle of 2014, criminals were able to create a massive cyber-security breach for P.F. Chang’s. Hackers were able to successfully compromise sensitive financial data from point of sale machines. Credit card and debit card information was then stolen and immediately went up for sale on the black market. Stolen account numbers were being offered for sale between $18 and $140. P.F. Chang’s was forced to upgrade to encryption technology to protect future transactions.

Target Corporation

During the holiday season in 2013, Target was hit with a horrible cyber-security breach which created a public scare. Hackers were able to access the personal information of approximately 110 million customers of the retailer. Target hired a top cyber-security firm to investigate the matter. In total, Target has spent nearly $150 million in an attempt to recover from the cyber-security breach.

The Home Depot Inc.

In early 2014, Home Depot became a victim to a major cyber-security breach. Cyber criminals were able to compromise an estimated 60 million card numbers. However, unlike many other major cyber-attacks, these attacks did not happen all at once. Hackers attacked Home Depot consistently for a total of five months before anybody picked up on the cyber-security breach. Home Depot has since upgraded it’s cyber-security defenses significantly and has also made protecting customer’s information a top priority.


Do not let your company join this list of victimized companies. Make safeguarding your clients personal information and sensitive data a top priority. Change your passwords frequently, such as once per week or once per month. Ensure that your databases are protected with encryption technology. If you are not well protected, then your company is at a higher risk than others. A cyber-security company will protect your business by providing strategies and resources needed for a successful defense against security breaches.