workplace securityWhen you wake up in the morning and leave the comfort of your home to go to work, you expect to be safe once arriving to work.  The fact of the matter is, the workplace can be dangerous.  Often in many organizations, the focus is so heavily steered towards maintaining optimum business operations that the safety and security of the employees and clients is forgotten.  People need to feel safe when they go to work.  Take the steps towards preventing hazards and secure the workplace environment with private security services.  Private security companies offer a variety of services to help you protect and secure the workplace environment from unauthorized entrances, the loss of assets, and workplace violence.

Access Control

In the field of physical security, access control which refers to the strategies utilized to restrict the entrance to a specified location.  The most common access control strategy is the mere presence of a uniformed private security guard.  The security official will ensure that unauthorized personnel do not enter a restricted facility.  When dealing with persons who are not pre-identified employees, private security will ask for a form of identification.  If the identified person wishing to gain access is denied by a higher authority of the company, than the individual will be turned away and if necessary, the police will be notified.  The utilization of a private security guard as a form of access control will secure the workplace.

There are many methods of access control which are typically used in conjunction with a private security guard to optimally secure the workplace.  One method is electronic access control, which requires that personnel scan an identification badge or a card over a magnetic scanner.  If the scanner turns green, then that person is permitted.  Another method is a metal detector, which is useful for companies who are at increased risk from their own employees leaving the restricted facility with stolen expensive material.  A metal detector can also secure the workplace by picking up any heavy metal attempted to be smuggled into the restricted site, such as firearms and other weapons.  Finally, fingerprints are being used to only allow authorized personnel to open doors leading to restricted access sites.  This modern day strategy will secure the workplace because anybody who is denied must explain him or herself to private security.

Workplace Violence

Violent acts taking place at work is a serious problem here in the United States.  In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has published several documents aimed at helping employers prevent and mitigate situations involving violent acts at work.  The FBI recommends that all companies who can afford to hire or contract with private security companies do so immediately.  Having a security department is the most efficient method to secure the workplace.  Security can prevent most the violence from occurring altogether, and the violence that may still occur is mitigated to the extent that lives are saved.

Private security guards, supervisors, and managers are trained in to recognize potentially hazardous workplace environments ahead of time.  In order to better secure the workplace, private security reports directly to the client, who is then allowed to make a decision on how to further approach the situation.  Private security can also serve as a safety liaison between the employees and the employer.  With the ability to directly contact the client and also the local police, private security is trained and ready to secure the workplace while helping employees to feel safe.