Employee Spotlight: Special Congratulations to Officer Aristido Mitogo.

Officer Mitogo being awarded the Wyatt Instructors Award
Officer Mitogo being Awarded the Wyatt Instructors Award

Officer Mitogo, a previous full-time SRI Armed Security Officer and still an on-call employee has recently graduated the WYATT Correctional Officer program.

Officer Mitogo demonstrated remarkable dedication and professional excellence during his 2-year career with SecurityRI

Now he is creating additional milestones for his resume. On July 22, 2022

Officer Mitogo was awarded the WYATT Detention Facility “Instructors Award” for undying commitment to the success and betterment of his classmates of the 52nd Correctional Officer Academy.

SecurityRI Officer Mitogo during training at Wyatt
Officer Mitogo during combat training

Thank you Aristido for the outstanding work here at SecurityRI and your future at the WYATT Detention Facility