Selecting a Security Guard CompanyWith growing security concerns, selecting the wrong security company could risk the safety of your staff, customers, visitors, property and profits while exposing you to serious insurance liabilities, expensive lawsuits and damage to your company’s image for years. WARNING, contracting the wrong security company would be detrimental rather than beneficial.


Thorough Security Analysis

A good security company will provide a free security consultation by an experienced security consultant, who will observe the client’s business in an effort to expose potential risk factors. He will take the time to ask management questions that will enable him to understand the way business is conducted at the facility. Based on the findings he will make recommendations for a security plan. Once the security plan is approved, the plan will consummate in the form of post orders and appropriate people will be trained and deployed.

Properly Managed

Select a management group that has proven thought leadership that goes beyond industry standards. In addition, select a company with a successful combination of innovative administration structure and ethical business practices. When selecting a security guard company confirm that they are not just trying to staff a person in uniform at your organization. Proper security goes way beyond the guard alone. It is the entire organization and training behind the guard that counts.

Supervisors will frequently visit your site to ensure that security services are provided according to the security plan and post orders. The security consultant will return after a couple weeks to check and make necessary adjustment to the plan after seeking input from management, employees, security guards and security supervisors.

Guard Screening and Training

You as the potential client take it for granted that the security company has actually tested or confirmed the performance ability of all their security guards. Most never conduct performance checks in any form, and the others that do, don’t check actual security skills- they assess the guard based on how many shifts they do for the company and whether they complain about the security company.

Just because some guards have been in the industry for years doesn’t mean that they know how to provide security in your business.

Proper Insurance

Most people feel that as long as their vendors have “some type of coverage” they don’t have to pay additional detail to coverage.  This is not true.  Ask to see the security company’s certificate of insurance and make sure all policies are up to date and provide adequate monetary coverage. This will provide you with peace of mind if the unthinkable occurs.


It’s very important that the company you select is properly licensed and bonded in the state you require security as well as being in full compliance with all federal and state labor laws. Time and time again you see a reduced services rate to the client that is based on short cuts. This places quality and future services at risk while leaving you to question what corners will be cut with you.

Business Continuity

In order to provide for an orderly recovery from an unanticipated occurrence or disaster that could disable a firm’s computer system(s), and/or damage or destroy the building and their contents check and see if the security company has adopted a Disaster Recovery Plan. These plans are designed to enable your security guard company to return to normal business operations in as short a time as is possible following emergency situation keeping your services uninterrupted. Be sure to ask for a copy of their Business Continuity Plan.

Data Security and Safeguarding

An increasing concern for today’s public and private sector is the protection of proprietary data sent to our vendors. Keep in mind the security guard company you select will have all your confidential information regarding your location, access and vulnerable security areas. Make certain the storage and protection of your sensitive data is best of breed.

 In Conclusion

Simply putting a security guard at the entrance or exit will not address the actual problem and will not prevent theft from happening again. That is why putting the wrong security company in charge will do more harm than good, because it will provide a false sense of security. A good security company will work professionally by conducting research and by presenting a plan. To protect your investments and personnel, choose a solid security guard company without the above pitfalls.