With a turnover rate which is well above average, the field of private security struggles to maintain a steady and consistent workforce of officers.  Many of the unsuccessful private security companies will focus on hiring those individuals who will work for the cheapest rate.  This is an unsuccessful hiring practice which negatively affects both the security guards and the private security company.  The best hiring practices are ones that hire veterans.  When a private security company chooses to hire veterans, it helps to maintain stability within the company.  Additionally, veterans offer many different abilities and skills which make them ideal candidates for a position within a private security company.

Armed Private Security Services

Occasionally, clients become concerned with private security guards who carry a firearm being on their property.  Generally, veterans have more advanced knowledge regarding firearms basics, such as structure and function.  Veterans have most likely received intense firearms training in the past, which covers a multitude of topics.  The most important knowledge that veterans possess over a standard citizen is when an appropriate time to use the firearm is.  In a tense situation, normal citizens would be tempted to draw the firearm, but the trained veteran knows better and will only use the firearm properly.  Finally, if the firearm ever needs to be used, the veteran will usually have more precise and accurate shots on target.

Leadership and Teamwork

Naturally, veterans have advanced natural leadership abilities.  Whether the veteran was fresh out of boot camp, high-ranking, or military police, he or she is better equipped to take charge in a situation.  Veterans work extremely well in teams, most likely because they have grown accustomed to working in teams throughout their years of service.  Many veterans have experience upholding security job duties, just in the military sector instead of a privatized sector.  Veterans excel in security assignments requiring multiple security guards because they know how to lead and communicate effectively.  Veterans who build upon their careers in the private security field are likely to make excellent supervisors, which will enhance the quality of the security services provided.


Veterans usually have many of the intangibles which employers seek when building a successful company foundation.  The dependability and quality of job performance of veterans ranks higher than the average citizen.  When people call in sick and the supervisors need to fill a shift as soon as possible, the veterans are first to answer the call.  Tight schedules with limited resources are a part of military lifestyle, which teaches veterans the importance of doing the best job possible with the resources provided.  You can count on veterans to be on time and ready to work every day of the week.


Rhode Island does not require any formal training or classes for individuals who wish to become private security guards.  Therefore, training requirements are usually based off of the specific needs of the trainee.  Veterans require less training and are typically quick learners of the private security procedures and protocols.  Many veterans may have already received firearms training, security training, and confrontation training, which are all important abilities when it comes to being a successful private security officer.  Finally, depending on the state, the private security company can receive tax credits for hiring veterans and their family members through The Returning Heroes Tax Credit, The Wounded Warrior Tax Credit, and state government tax credits.