technology securityTechnology security has never been more important that it is currently. Innovative geniuses continue to develop more efficient technology every day. These technological advances are used by the masses for both personal and business purposes. Both of these areas need to be protected. Having a consistent and strong technology security strategy is the key to protecting both personal and business computers, networks, servers, and mobile devices.


99% of all businesses in the United States utilize at least one computer for day-to-day operations. All of these computers are naturally at risk to being violated by hackers and other cyber criminals. Computers typically contain important personal and sensitive information about employees and customers that could be valuable to a hacker. Without proper technology security, America’s cornerstone, small and medium sized businesses, risk being taken down by hackers.


A computer network is a telecommunications technology which allows computers to exchange data. Data that is being transferred is dangerous, especially if the data contains personal or sensitive information. Everything from computers and tablets to smartphones and Bluetooth devices can be part of a network. Without proper technology security, a hacker could intercept the data within a company’s network or have the data rerouted by disrupting the network links used for data connection. One strategy for network security is data encryption, which recodes all pieces of data so that it is only readable and useable by the client at the client’s location.


A computer server is a designated machine containing software which accepts commands from the client and gives responses accordingly. Typically, servers are used to store data. This data includes personal and sensitive information of employees and clients. Additionally, servers are typically linked to the internet via the network system in place, allowing hackers the ability to disrupt files and steal data.

Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are used for business all over the country for businesses of all sizes. Typically, these devices have a dual purpose, as many of them might be for personal use as well. This is dangerous because it presents an opportunity for a hacker to steal a goldmine of information, including: Bank account information; credit card numbers; and social security numbers. Technology security will keep your devices one step ahead of 99% of hackers, helping to safeguard your data from being stolen and sold in an illegal underground market.


Overall, technology security must be taken seriously. As our computers, networks, servers, and mobile devices continue to advance, hackers’ tools for breaching our security advance as well. Technology security can help keep these machines and devices protected. Just one successful attack on your business could disrupt operations, forcing doors to close and jobs to be lost. Technology security companies can help determine strategies to successfully deter and counter cyber criminals from hacking our technology.