end usersHere we go! It’s 2016 and your company needs a serious update to its information technology (IT). Computer software has evolved tremendously. These programs can help our businesses accomplish almost anything. If this is the case, then why are so many companies having problems with using software successfully? This is a cyber security nightmare. Here are the top mistakes companies make training end users on IT:

1. Assuming End Users are Tech-Savvy

Here is a solid first rule – NEVER ASSUME. Do not make the crucial mistake of assuming that your end user knows anything about technology.

You should start from square one. The first part of training might seem redundant for more tech-savvy individuals, but it must be simplified down as much as possible for training. Simple is better here.

Once the basics have been addressed, move into the more technical training. This is the stage where most of the training time will take place. Be sure to promote the end users to ask plenty of questions. This will help ensure their understanding of the training.

Finally, there needs to be a strong conclusion to the training. Perform a full review of the material. Then, ask if there are any questions. It is also recommended to provide some sort of application practice or test for the end users to complete.

2. Unorganized Training

Training end users on IT matters should not be done with half-effort. These trainings should be planned out carefully, as should all training. Try not to bore people, and be sure to provide the answers to the “what”, the “why”, and the “how” questions.

Improperly trained end users are a cyber security nightmare. Network security is at risk when end users do not know how to properly handle delicate IT software properly.

Stay focused on the objectives and goals of the training, ask questions, and promote questions to be asked back.

3. Not Outsourcing IT Training

This one is pretty simple. If you are not an IT company, then you will not be able to train IT matters as well as IT companies. Granted, your company might be able to teach and understand the basic concepts – however, leave the complex training to the professionals.

Improper training presents a security risk. IT companies are the best for training end users on new computer and software programs. IT security companies understand this threat to networks, and can provide the most reliable training.

Remember – new software is not just about learning how to use the software, but it is about how to minimize your mistakes when using it.

Final Thoughts

If you try to train matters of IT in-house, then be sure to be careful. You want to make sure it is done right, the first time. Mistakes with software can result in detrimental security crises.

It is preferred that a security company that focuses on cyber systems, networks, and IT performs the training of new software. This will ensure that end users have a complete understanding of the system, while minimizing security risks.