security contractorWith more than two private security guards for each police officer in the United States, finding a private security contractor is easy.  The difficulty lies in finding the private security contractor that works most efficiently for your business or residential areas.  Upon first meeting, the private security contractor should focus on creating a shared vision, explaining temporary security, and clarifying the importance of communication.

First Impressions

Security is a sensitive subject for many people and should be approached with caution.  First, a well-organized private security contractor should provide a background of the company, management team, and the director of security.  Then, the presentation should focus on the proven strengths with case studies to help explain the qualifications for providing security services to the new client.  Next, the private security company should explain the legal limitations and requirements of the practice.  Finally, referrals should be provided so that the new client may contact former and/or existing clients to gain a better understanding of the operations of the private security contractor.

Shared Vision

When trying to find the best private security contractor possible, it is important that the private security guard company shares the same vision as its clients.  Most importantly, the security guard company needs to listen carefully to the client in order to ensure that the client’s security needs can be met.  After listening to the client’s requests, a full security plan can be drafted.  Instead of coming in and demanding that security be done a certain way, the two parties should collaborate and work together to find a common ground of proper security services to be implemented.

It is important that the private security contractor becomes familiar with the client’s geographic location and business operations.  This can usually be accomplished by working with a local private security contractor.  Security guards can be chosen to work at a client’s site that may already have increased knowledge of the geographic location, enhancing the effectiveness of the security services.  The on-site training of the security guard will focus on the shared vision created by both the client and the private security contractor.  However, the physical safety of the security guard always takes precedent over a client’s security desires.

Temporary Security

Sometimes for clients, signing a long-term contract can create a moment of hesitation and uncertainty.  The best private security contractors will offer to provide temporary security services in order to prove their worthiness to the client.  Trial periods help provide the client with peace of mind knowing that there is an option to move on to another private security contractor if the client is not satisfied.

In some cases, clients are not seeking long-term private security services.  Maybe a business is hosting a rather large event and needs extra security just for one or two occasions.  Temporary security allows for security services to be provided without the need for long-term contracts.  Again, whatever the client needs, the private security contractor should be able and willing to provide.


Ask if the private security contractor utilizes the latest technology such as security logging applications and smartphones.  This allows for better report filing and quicker overall communication.  With a client’s email and information on hand at all times, security guards and supervisors can contact the client while also attaching pictures and/or videos to explain incidents of any degree.  Some clients love being notified about everything, and others do not want to be notified unless it’s an emergency.  Whatever the case, the private security contractor should adjust to the desires of the client.