Are you are frustrated with the lack of responsiveness and slow service of your current IT company or in-house IT?

Achieve high service levels for your help desk service, technical support, or customer service needs with our help desk outsourcing options. Our people, processes and technology give you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your customers, and ultimately help you protect your image and brand by providing quality service to those you service every day.

Financial leverage:Your company can reduce fixed costs and thus can boost return-on-investment. Focus on core competencies: Our Help Desk can help free up management to spend time on areas where the company is best positioned to add value.

Flexible capacity:Help desk call volume can vary greatly for seasonal and other reasons. Our Help Desk creates flexible capacity for handling these changes in volume.

Continually updated training: specializes in IT services and all our technicians focus on continual learning.

Analytics – All calls are recorded in our CRM system for future reference an analytics to proactively highlight trends and patterns early on.

Reporting – Our reports feature full color, high contrast charts and graphs that allow for more graphically driven data presentation to better understand relationships between all the data. Metrics, business analytics and key performance indicators allow us to better identify emerging problems, issues, trends and patterns so that systemic changes can be made.

Our Help and Support Desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate support without the costly overheard. Our help desk is fully-staffed by U.S.- based IT professionals who are available 24/7/365 via phone, email and / or chat.