P1050396Bonded warehouses are buildings which store items, manipulate items, and/or manufacturer items.  These facilities may either be owned by the government or owned by a private party.  Depending on the purpose of the facility, the monetary value of each warehouse could be as low as a few thousand dollars or as high as tens of millions of dollars.  When a facility contains assets valuing a significant amount of money, it needs to be protected and secured with private security for bonded warehouses.  Preventing the loss of important assets guarantees proper business functionality remains constant.  More security guards equates to better overall protection and safety.

Maritime Security in RI

In Rhode Island, there are several warehouses in locations with water on at least one side of the facility.  The water provides potential wrongdoers with another method of illegally entering and exiting the property of the facility.  Monitoring activity in the water can be difficult if security is not property trained and equipped.  Private security for bonded warehouses must be aware and trained on how to manage security services with facilities surrounded by water.  Security guards should be equipped with powerful flashlights with a wide sight range.  Finally security for bonded warehouses should stress the importance of randomized active patrols in order to deter any maritime-related criminal activity at the facility.

Security Deterrence

Due to the high risk of criminal activities occurring on site, security for bonded warehouses is a necessity to safeguard all essential assets.  Trespassing, vandalism, larceny, and burglary are common criminal wrongdoings which commonly occur at such facilities.  Private security for bonded warehouses serves as the essential deterrent factor in the process of preventing criminal activities.  A uniformed private security guard sends the message that the warehouse is well protected, raising the risk factor for potential wrongdoers.  Additionally, an onsite security guard will observe and report anything suspicious and has the local police department on speed dial.  Successfully deterring any criminal wrongdoing on the property of the warehouse protects assets while keeping normal business operations uninterrupted.

Even if the facility does not wish to have active duty security guards onsite, it is still beneficial to contract with a private security guard company.  A private security company can hang warning signs around the perimeter of your property which informs the potential wrongdoer that they might be caught in the act.  Private security firms will also use randomized check-up patrols which involve a security supervisor driving on and/or walking throughout the property.  These check-up patrols are randomized to prevent wrongdoers from learning the security team’s tactics.  Whether the guard is onsite or offsite, a private security company provides optimal security for bonded warehouses.

Security for Bonded Warehouses during Business Hours

Sometimes, not all wrongdoing done to bonded warehouses occurs when nobody is present.  These facilities are also at risk from all persons who step foot onto the property.  Employees and clients can both attempt to steal valuable assets from the warehouse.  Private security for bonded warehouses can include services to help prevent this activity through techniques, such as metal detection technology and monitoring of security cameras.  Preventing asset victimization is successfully accomplished during business hours with the presence of more security guards.